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Quern Song

Sound, found objects and pigmented Jesmonite.

250cm x 66cm (length variable)


’Quern Song’ explores the concept of the inanimate quern retaining the sound produced by its function, and the horn extracting and transmitting this sound.


The piece consists of the casting of a broken quern found beneath a house in Eiliseadar(Ellishadder), believed to have been forcefully broken by a landlord’s steward as an aggressive and symbolic act, a sound recording of Hugh Cheape'scomplete quern, in-action grinding corn and a 1920's radio horn speaker with a stone- like texture. 


The horn is heavily textured, reminiscent of the quern's stone surface; the idea of the horn turning into stone or becoming a quern (the circular bell of the horn echoes a querns complete form) 


The cable is under tension created by the two objects, referencing the tension of the land agitation.

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