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Tarmac, Soil, Bronze, wood, c type prints - 390 x 50cm


The crash of a mosquito aeroplane during the second world war in which a relative of mine was killed was the starting point for the work, the work involves archaeological investigations and exists on two sites. I recovered sixty small fragments of wreck for the’ Trevergy’ piece and subsequently cast two bronze replicas of the aircraft, burying one at the crash site and exhibiting the other as a detail in a larger installation.

Other work produced in wood, earth and tarmacadam, evokes the solitary nature of the last two places that the plane touched ground, the runway at Predannack where it took off and the earth at Trevergy Farm where it crashed..

Ultimately the buried bronzes have the potential to lie in the ground for thousands of years perhaps to be discovered as a relic of the 21st century, like a bronze Mycenae dagger being dug up today, and long after what sat above the ground is gone.

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