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Granite, Rubber and Bronze- 140 x 140 x 35cm

This piece exists in two places.

In a gap in the boundary wall of Jupiter Artland an exact replica of a bomb carried by a Junkers 88 sits on a black granite plinth. The softness of the rubber bomb contrasts to the hardness of the granite to give the bomb a tactile and benign quality, which almost denies it of its essential nature. From this position, the Pentland Hills form an atmospheric and distant backdrop to the profile of the bomb.

Two bronze planes connect the two sites, these bronzes are cast from models of Junkers 88. One is mounted in the boundary wall close to the bomb and the second bronze I buried somewhere not too far from the crash site. The thought of a complete plane buried in the hill as opposed to the cairns of twisted and mangled fuselage of the original one, visible on the surface, holds a certain poetry for me.

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rubber frag.JPG
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