Drone photography by Tom Smith (lateral North)

Lunar Quern - Pigmented jesmonite, pigmented polyurethane rubber 130cm x 46cm 


The visual connection between how we see the moon and the casting of the quern from the quarry covered in marine organisms is immediate. The moon controls, through the tides, when the quarry site (querns) can be seen and the moon by the ebb and flow of the tides has created the erosion that shapes the quarry site, again a cycle that has no end. The drone image of the silicone casting at the quarry are reminiscent of looking up to the sky at the moon, and prehistoric connections are sensed and questions asked about the distance from the moon to the querns.


gen bràthan, pl. bràthntan, sf Quern,handmill2† Brow. 3(AC) Anything round anything that has no end.


Edward Dwelly Gaelic dictionary 1911

Drone photography by Nick Middleton